Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Family Reunion 2007- Fun in the Tent!

The cake that was served to honor those whom had birthdays, graduations, and anniversaries! The kids playing in the parking lot


Kayleigh in the car

Don Haas, Ruth Schumacher, and Jim Haas

Awwwwww......Cute baby!

Georganne and Terry Hackbarth

Bud Schumacher being honored for his 75th birthday!
Bud and Ruth Schumacher being honored for their 55th anniversary

Paul Matthews with his face painted (Paul is Patrick and Tracy Matthews' youngest son)

Jim and Patti Haas

Kayleigh watching what is going on


Carol Matthews handing out balls to all the men and women that golfed that morning

Greg Matthews being honored

Joyce and Julie Erdmann

Becky, Eric, and Mary Koss

Marli Matthews (Marli is Shawn Matthews' daughter)

Being honored for getting married and adopting Mary

Being honored for getting married and having a baby! They had a busy year! Chris and Tanya
Elaine Haas

Tom and Lynn

Barb and Jodi Grawien being honored (Barb is Lori Springer's Daughter)

Anthony Teche and his new ball! (Anthony is Aaron and Jenny Teche's youngest)

Justin Teche and his present! I wonder what it is? (Justin is Aaron and Jenny Teche's oldest)

Kayleigh and her dad, Ethan! Kailey is trying to blow bubbles! (Kailey is Jessica and Ethan's daughter)

Marli Matthews opening her gift
Patti Haas

Lori Springer with her gift

Brad Grawien got the sour puss gift. It put a smile on his face

Tracy Matthews with her gift. (Tracy is Patrick Matthews' wife)

Karen Schumacher and Carol Matthews trying to figure out who gets what gift. (Carol and Karen are Bud and Ruth Schumacher's daughters) By the way, the two ladies did a great job. It had to have been hard work.

Ruth Schumacher with the glasses that she got

Sarah Matthews with the gift that she received. (Sarah is Greg and Carol Matthews' daughter)

Georgeanne opening her White Elephant gift

Ethan Teche wearing his new fire hat. (Ethan is Jared and April Teche's youngest son)

Luke I am your father! Kellen Teche as Darth Vader. (Kellen is Jared and April Teche's oldest son)

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The Matthews said...

thank you so much for doing this April. It looks great, with the exception of my picture!!