Thursday, May 8, 2008

Some More Pictures

Carol Matthews sent me some pictures of the 2007 Family Reunion. I finally put them up. There is a bit of a problem with the order because the site was having troubles uploading them in the order I wanted. So enjoy the out of order pictures. And if you have any of your own to send me please send them to Golfers!
Bud Schumacher driving the hay ride
Every time someone took a picture of Karen Schumacher she was making a face. So here is one. There are more to come
Kellen Teche
Ethan Teche
Karen Schumacher
Sarah Matthews (now Olson), April Teche, and Ethan Teche
Ethan Teche
Tracy Matthews helping the kids with the games
Isiah Matthews, Kellen Teche, Paul Matthews, and Marli Matthews
Paul Matthews, Ethan Teche, and Marli Matthews
Aaron, Anthony, and Jenny Teche
The Hay Ride
Justin Teche driving
Anthony Teche driving
The kids gambling away their allowances
Justin Teche with his kiddie coctail

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