Sunday, June 3, 2007

2007 Family Reunion-Kid's Games!

This year for the kids we had games with prizes for all. We also did face painting. That went over with young and old alike! Here are some of the pictures of the fun! April Teche (Jared's wife) painting Lily's face
Jenny Teche (Aaron's wife) painting some faces
Lily the cat

Kellen Teche (Jared and April Teche's son) showing off his face art
Paul Matthews (Patrick and Tracy Matthews' son), Marli Matthews (Shawn Matthews' daughter), Shawn Matthews (Carol and Greg Matthews' son), and Patrick Matthews (Greg and Carol Matthews' son) taking a ride in the golf cart!
Ethan Teche (Jared and April Teche's youngest son) showing off a fish on his forehead

Anthony Teche (Aaron and Jenny Teche's youngest son) showing off his painted face

Justin Teche (Aaron and Jenny Teche's oldest son) showing off his face art
Marli Matthews (Shawn Matthews' daughter) playing a kitty cat!

When Jenny asked Beth what she wanted on her face Beth had to think about it. She decided that she wanted a horse. Jenny did a better job than I would have. The one that she painted actually looked kind of like a horse.

The finished horse on Beth's cheek
Ethan Teche with his kitty whiskers and the fish on his forehead

Lynn even let Beth (her grand daughter) paint her face
Tracy Matthews with a frog on her face (I thought that it was a frog in your throat not on your face? I could be wrong though)
Karen Schumacher can see all and knows all thanks to the third eye made by Beth

Timber!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Beth with a tree on her head. I think that might hurt!

Lance was sitting by his parents and we asked him if we could paint his face. He said "Sure" When we asked what he wanted on his face he told us "Anything" Well, Lance gave the wrong answer and Karen Schumacher and Beth went to town on his face. Next time, Lance, say "I would like something tiny" Lance was a great sport! We had fun painting his face.
Lance mid painting
The finished "Scary" Lance! Thanks Lance, we had so much fun doing this
Shawn Matthews showing all what happens when you fall asleep and April has face paints in her hand
Lily showing off her face art. I swear every picture that I took of Lily turned out amazing. She is very photogenic
Below are some pictures of the kids playing one of the games. The object was to walk to the other side of the tent with the balloon in your legs. Once down there you sat on the balloon to pop it. This was a very popular game! Next year we will have to blow up more balloons!
Get Ready!
Get Set!
Lance sitting on the balloon.

Isiah Matthews (Patrick and Tracy Matthews' oldest son)

Jenny Teche helping Anthony

Justin Teche walking with the balloon between his legs
The next game we played we put plastic spoon handles in our mouths and had to balance an egg on it. We then had to walk down and break the finish line with out dropping the egg

Lookin' good there Lance!
The next and last game that we played was a clothes pin drop. I wanted to make it harder for the older kids so they had to stand on the picnic table. The younger kids wanted to stand up there too so they all did it from way up high! They all did a really good job even with the height.

Kellen Teche
Isiah Matthews
Ethan Teche
Anthony Teche
Justin Teche
Mary Koss
Marli Matthews
Paul Matthews
Lance the Monster Man!

I have a few special thanks to put out there who helped make these kids' games happen!
Karen Schumacher, for buying the prizes and helping to get everything ready to go and helping to plan the games! She also helped to blow up the balloons
April Teche, for buying some of the prizes and face paint, helping to plan the games, getting everything ready, and using her hot air to fill up the balloons!
Jenny Teche, for helping with the face painting and all the help throughout all the games!
Jared Teche, for helping to blow up the balloons!
Carol Matthews, For providing the plastic spoons, for providing the prizes, and helping to make sure the kids all had fun! Thanks for all you do Auntie Carol!
Tracy Matthews, for being the 1/2 of the best finish line ever!
Sarah Matthews, for being the other 1/2 of the best finish line ever!
All the kids who played the games, For making my day and all the other adult's day fun!
And last but not least, Beth, for helping us out! We don't know what we would have done with out you!

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