Thursday, June 14, 2007

Time Catching Up and Meal Pictures

Before we ate lunch we all had some time to catch up. We all had fun and we got to see some people that we don't see very often. Below are some pictures that were taken during the catch up time and lunch.

Aaron Teche (Karen Schumacher's son) Sarah Matthews (Greg and Carol Matthews' Daughter)
Tracy Matthews (Patrick Matthews' wife)
I don't want to know what they are teaching Paul! Paul is Tracy and Patrick Matthews' youngest son
Jenny Teche (Aaron Teche's wife) Every Picture that I got of Jenny she was making some kind of face at me. So I picked the best one!
Jared Teche (Karen Schumacher's middle son)
Turk Olson (Sarah Matthews' Fiancee)
All the kids like to pretend to gamble on the machines
Kellen Teche (Jared and April Teche's oldest son)
Part of the Matthews Clan
Shawn Matthews and his daughter Marli
Terry Hackbarth, Bette Koeffler, and Ruth Schumacher
Chuck, Joyce, and Julie Erdmann

Georganne and Terry Hackbarth
Patrick and Shawn Matthews (Carol and Greg Matthews' sons)
Adam and that is his friend that he brought with him
Anthony Teche getting money out of the ATM since none of the adults would give him any. Anthony is Aaron and Jenny Teche's youngest son.

Bette Koeffler and Lori Springer
Mike Springer and Bud Schumacher
Dave and Lily
Tessa and Carol


The engaged couple. Sarah Matthews and Turk Olson
Patrick and Tracy Matthews
Gary Schumacher hiding from the camera (Ruth and Bud Schumacher's son)
Carol and Gary (Bud and Ruth Schumacher's kids) I am glad to see that some things (like bunny ears) are always fun!
Julie, Joyce, and Chuck

The tent where all the after lunch fun took place
Karen Schumacher (Ruth and Bud Schumacher's daughter) poses for the camera while she is supposed to be getting ready for the kid's games!
April Teche (Jared Teche's wife)

Shawn Matthews (Carol and Greg Matthews' son)

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