Friday, June 22, 2007

Hay Ride

One of the activities that were offered for people to enjoy was a horse drawn hay ride. Ricky Dorn is the owner and also the driver. He was such a fun guy! All the kids had a chance to drive. We had so much fun! We sang songs (We are the Champions, Spongebob Square Pants, and many more), we waved at all the passing cars and trucks, and we were given the chance to pet the horses. It was a little chilly that morning so we all wrapped up in blankets and cuddled together to stay warm! I have to say that young and old alike had so much fun!

We did this while the people who wanted to golf were busy yelling "FORE!"Rick Dorn and his girlfriend driving! Check out the jacket if you would like the number to call for a ride.
The whole group who went! They were: Karen Schumacher, Aaron Teche, Jenny Teche, Justin Teche, Anthony Teche, Jared Teche, Ethan Teche, April Teche, Carol Matthews, Sarah Matthews, Tracy Matthews, Paul Matthews, and Marli Matthews.

We found Bud Schumacher on the golf course and had him come and pose with us for a few pictures!
The view from one side of the carriage. All the kids were watching for the horses to poop. Then they would yell and look towards the back so they could see it on the road. It is these little things that keep kids busy for a long time!
April Teche
Justin Teche
Jenny and Anthony Teche
Jared and Ethan Teche

Sarah Matthews
Carol, Paul, Tracy, and Marli Matthews
Waving at a car
Anthony Teche is snuggled all nice and warm in a blanket

Horse poop on the road that the kids spotted!
Marli Matthews and Justin Teche
A horse shoe print in the road
Front view of the horses.
Side view- The horse's names were Nell and Fan. Every time I went to take a picture one would neigh and get the kids laughing because I would get scared. Just in case you were wondering I am scared of horses. The kids and adults laughed at me every time I got a little scared. Okay, so I almost wet my pants a few times. Why is that so funny?
Carol Matthews with her Mountain Dew
Karen Schumacher being goofy. It is what she does best
Ricky's hat blew off his head and across the road and Karen went to fetch it. She did not even take the time to take off her blanket. The picture above is her coming out of the ditch victorious!
In the ditch to get the hat
Ethan Teche "driving" He is so serious because he thought that he was really driving and did not want anyone to get hurt
Justin Teche "driving"
Marli Matthews "driving"
Paul Matthews "driving"
A different angle of Paul "driving"
Anthony Teche "driving"
Another one of Anthony
Sisters being goofy.
Sarah Matthews, Apri Teche, and Ethan Teche
Aaron, Justin, Jenny, and Anthony Teche

Jared Teche
The horses leaving after our ride

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